Welcome to Authentic Self – The Home of Self-Enquiry in the UK

Enlightenment Intensives and further support on your journey of Self Realisation with Shivam O’Brien and Claire Heron.

Enlightenment Intensives offer a Radical Shift In Perspective.

“The most powerful experience I have ever had.” – Participant Summer 2016

This is a process of direct, open enquiry that allows you to awaken profoundly, achieving an astonishingly fresh perspective on you and your world, drawing your own conclusions for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what spiritual orientation (or none), or level of experience (or none) that you may have, there are no belief systems put forward on these Intensives.

The energy liberated brings a whole new aliveness to your relationships, sexuality, work, parenting, and how you take delight in the world around you.

We admit big claims – and we honour them. This is an invitation to the Authentic You.

And a reminder to not let time slip by – the benefits of this work are incalculable, even many years later.

Enlightenment Intensives in Ireland, England & Wales