Shivam has over 30 years experience in leading Enlightenment Intensives and has helped hundreds of people to discover themselves and embrace life with their own unique energy and style

He has created an array of training programs and adventures sparked from his life long passionate voyage into wisdom traditions east and west, together with ancient and new ways to heal and grow. His approach has been tried, tested and honed over many years at Spirit Horse Foundation in Wales, founded by him in 1990.

Shivam has studied with renowned masters of Taoist, Buddhist, Tibetan and Native American traditions, engaged deeply in psychotherapy and shamanic practises and has developed a unique and exuberant, anciently rooted approach to the performing arts in personal growth and community creation.
He is also the founder of a charity called Forest of Dreams that successfully raised funds to purchase and preserve in perpetuity land for wild life, wild forest and wild adventures in living and learning.

He is an acknowledged storyteller, ceremonialist and speaker. He lives on his farm in Ireland with a community of friends plants and trees. In the summer he runs retreats in Celtic roundhouses, Mongolian yurts and tipis among the waterfalls of a wild Welsh valley.

His own words;

It began when I was twelve and began to agonize over the authenticity of what I was being taught about the world. I studied intensively and privately – reading all I could find. I travelled India when I was eighteen and many times since. Perhaps all those crises and the struggle were necessary. It was the first few experiences on EI that changed it all. Then I had the real thing and entered a new league – the adventure really began. After that, teachers appeared, I opened and everything furthered. My gratitude for those key experiences is my life’s work. I lead all kinds of workshops – but this is the one that cracks the world open.”


After a spontaneous mystical experience Claire spent 15 years exploring different paths and practices. But it wasn’t until encountering Enlightenment Intensives in 1999 that she knew she had found a genuine and effective method to deepen, explore and establish her relationship with Fundamental Being.

She started working on Enlightenment Intensives in 2000 and in 2007 completed her Master’s training with Lawrence Noyes in Canada.

“I have often run Intensives without Claire – but I would rather not.
If she is present then we have a facilitator who is sharp, clear, thorough – who will not fall back when truth threatens to tear us open. She brings a fearless quality that is utterly committed to being real, that could almost be ruthless if it were not for her loving compassion, dedication and uncluttered attention towards all who are courageous enough to attempt the journey.

The Enlightenment Intensive format is an incredibly precious opportunity to cut through habitual ways of thinking and being in order to directly encounter the Infinite Beauty of the Ever Unfolding Moment.”

Her kindness does not admit falseness or cosy illusions. Her love is for the true presence of another And to any willing to attempt that with sincerity I have seen her give her heart and soul.”


Out beyond right thinking and wrong thinking, There is a field. When you lie down in that grass, life is too full to talk about, I’ll meet you there!”