Advaita & Dzogchen

Let the realizations come first and the concepts afterwards!

If you are studying Advaita Vedanta or reading the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Papaji of Lucknow or receiving satsang with his students then you will find no conflict between these approaches and Enlightenment Intensives. Although in non-dual teachings it is often said there is NO practise that can be done, nevertheless the question “Who am I?” is suggested as the key. This is exactly what E I s are about, only here you have a format that insists you stay with your enquiry unceasingly, and the communication and presence of a listening partner accelerates the enquiry and creates a face to face immediacy. This is enormously helpful, such that breakthroughs are a regular occurrence.

If you are studying any of the great array of practises taught in Buddhist traditions, you will find that these Intensives bring you directly to the heart of the matter. It can even be frightening or startling, especially if you planned to spend many lives gradually progressing. Enlightenment however is not liberation. There is always more to do and habitual tendencies will gradually return to their strongholds if there is no follow up to the breakthrough experience, but the stronghold will never be as strong again and some neurotic tendencies disappear forever.
Meditators are often astonished by the progress they acheive over such short time scales.

Students of Dzogchen should know (or be open to the fact or possibility) that direct, naked revelations of the nature of mind occur on these retreats. The sincere student will hold out for what is true, will recognize it by it’s bliss and persist until all doubts fade in the sheer naked brilliance of realization. 
Shivam is a student of these traditions and makes no claims other than that he has witnessed powerful unmistakable realizations on E I s and the effortless letting go or collapse of ego constructions associated with realization on a regular basis.  For many people these authentic realizations are the seed that allows a true spiritual life to unfold.

“Self – Inquiry leads to Realization by removing the obstacles which make you think that the Self is not actually realized”

Ramana Maharshi