Course Dates

3rd – 9th August 2023


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Come let go profoundly. Self enquiry requires real effort – but the expanse of peace, energy and joy make it all worth while.To be in the joyous company of those facing and seeking and opening to deep truth is a blessing 

Start and finish times:

Intensives start on the evening of the first day shown in the Course Dates usually a Thursday. You should aim to get there by 7:30. pm. There is a welcoming meal and tea. The Intensive will formally start at 9.00pm with an introductory talk.

Intensives finish 10:00 pm on the last day shown usually a Sunday. We recommend that you do not rush off but take up our welcome to stay the night and leave slowly after breakfast the following day. There is a short talk on the Monday morning. Finish by 10:30 am. If possible do not schedule too busy a time immediately afterwards – there is a delicious period of profound reflection to enjoy

Pricing policy:

We have aimed to keep prices as low as possible to make this amazing technique available to all interested.
These events require a venue for four days and a team of experienced staff.
If you decide to undertake a series of Intensives and need help with the fees, we offer to reduce your fee by 10% each time.