Post-Intensive Integration & Disintegration

Who Am I ?…What Am I ?

Like an arrow let the question penetrate into the heart of the matter!

Then; stay with us a little longer and experiment with surrender, letting go and simply being. 

Intensives are traditionally three full days, following the directions and original structure of Charles Berner the founder of this technique.

Here’s why you should give yourself two or three days extra afterwards to integrate…. and more importantly.. disintegrate.

Our Intensives are followed by two days of relaxation and “integration”. This is an optional time – you don’t have to commit to this time to take the Intensive – and you can decide at the end of the Intensive, but after decades of experience we are convinced that what happens on the standard three days of enquiry is so immense that it is too much to hope to integrate it, or fully explore it, without two days of let go time afterwards, preferably well away from your regular routine or the regular expectations of people that know you well. After the Intensive you’ll find yourself capable of a deep relaxation, without even really noticing, you will have moved into surrender and an allowing will start to happen. It is utterly delicious. Even more so if it is shared.

A rare ripeness occurs. A space where change, real change, which is an extremely rare event in people lives, has a chance to actually branch and blossom in all your bodies.

E I is an extremely powerful tool, but enormous input of dedicated energy can be squandered if it is experienced as a “high” that does not get rooted in life, in the body and in daily experience. Realisation needs courage and a period of a rather unsettling “not knowing” in order to take hold. To be more present than habitual tendencies. Old patterns have tremendous volition, and conviction in something utterly different requires, usually, time to experiment with “being” in a radically different way. Perhaps this way will feel wrong, crazy or ungrounded at times.

 One way to root it is to interact with others directly from that space. The dyad structure of intensives gives an almost perfect vehicle or arena where this can occur. A fresh and radical way of communicating is fostered inside the sanctity of the seemingly rigid structure. But this structure, as so often with formality or containment, allows a breathtaking freedom and spaciousness and expansion to enter into our conversation.

Not talking about what happened, but speaking, without a trace of rehearsal, from this fresh, living, spontaneously ever present newness. This is the opposite of how we humans normally carry on. We are normally creatures of habit. We unconsciously seek the familiar in every new experience, even if that familiar is painful. We feel safer, reassured by the same old aches and concerns, and live by reprocessing the past to make a known future that becomes increasingly dull as we grow older. We might not even notice. The moment fully experienced is scintillatingly, scarily, ecstatically vibrant. And untameable.

For these reasons you should seriously consider granting yourself more time for personal exploration and stay a full two and a half days extra on summer Intensive with us.  

Intensives start on a Thursday evening with supper at 7:00pm or so. You are welcome to arrive from 5:00pm onwards if this suits your travel plan.
The Intensive finishes on Sunday at 10:00pm – though everyone is welcome and advised to stay over and rest the Sunday night and leave Monday after breakfast (unless staying on for the integration period – which usually seems very appealing at that point!) 

The Integration Time: 

I have been running Enlightenment Intensives for twenty six years now and I have absolutely no doubt that pretty much anybody regardless of previous experience or interests can take an Intensive or two and break through to a profound recognition of their true primordial nature. But the really interesting question is what to do after that? 

If we can carve out a little extra time from our busy lives and commitments, the days after an Intensive can be savoured in their fullness and bear fruit in a way that can change your life for real. 

Knowing our ultimate blissful nature is liberating but it is not liberation. Knowing by being throughout all activity is liberation. Which leaves most of us with a lot to get on with. Immersion in deep acceptance of the truth as revealed is a good start. 

If you do have to rush off – don’t worry – you’ll be fine. One participant fretted during a recent Intensive because they had to address the English Parliament  a day after the Intensive! After first hesitating for a second I reassured him that all would be well. And it was. It was more than well. After Intensives it is possible to live and breathe effortlessly from a clear deep easy space.   We heard that whatever he did went down  a storm. And you’ll be able to address the world too.

 But it is probably preferable to just be with yourself and relax and dive deep into the fragrance of one’s own being by simply being rather than doing. And in the company of a few very open individuals who have just come out of an Intensive!

Enlightenment won’t go away – it is always there, but your habitual way of being and doing in the world can crowd in over it – without you noticing. 

Also, under the pressure of the Enlightenment Intensive, and it is an intensive inquiry, some people get too caught up in doing it correctly. When they relax and let go – the breakthrough happens; and they recognize that it was there waiting to happen all along! On our Summer Intensives in Wales, we’ve noticed how, often, those who struggled on the Intensive seemed to saunter into realization – after a swim in the river or a chat at breakfast! 

None of the above is meant to imply that E.I. s are a walk in the park. An Intensive is a serious undertaking. Such an enormous shift in awareness, simple as it is, is not likely to come without birth pangs.

To prepare for an Intensive it is wise to ease off drinking tea and coffee if you normally partake a lot. Aim to arrive reasonably well rested if possible. The E.I. days are long. 

Decide to fathom the very depths of you! And to go for it resolutely. 

I am also more and more convinced that the work of inquiry on Intensives needs to be balanced with release through bodywork and breath work, including contacting subtle and sexual energy in the body and learning how to flow with it, express it and let go into the unknown in a tangible, kinaesthetic fashion. This can take on quite wild forms, letting the divine move the body or make the sounds, and allowing anything and everything to occur. 

You can check out some more about this either at

In the words of Kabir –

“Don’t let a chance like this go by!”

In the words of Arjuna in the Mahabharata –

” I will not miss out on my life!”