What is an Enlightenment Intensive?


An Enlightenment Intensive is a deeply focused, tightly held retreat where you lay aside all other considerations for three days to concentrate totally on you, on who it is that is living your life. You persist in your enquiry until you have a breakthrough experience that totally satisfies you. An innately perfect revelation beyond all conflict.

You may need to face your fears and doubts with determination – as you uncover a huge store of energy and potential that is ordinarily locked away. A breakthrough to true awareness brings a freedom, a freshness and a feeling of being totally awake, and a piercing clarity as to what you have been doing with your life. This is not a temporary salve.

The Breakthrough Experience

Intensives are aimed at breaking through to a profound state of awareness often called “enlightenment” – there are many more correct, traditional and poetic ways of referring to this most precious and essential understanding. This naturally occurring state is read and talked about, usually, as if it lives at the end of a mystical rainbow and will never happen. That is a shame – it is the key to life and happiness and can be experienced by anyone who takes two or three days to look deeply within, earnestly and honestly with complete attention. You need skillful support to do this. Going it alone is life-wastingly slow.

On Enlightenment Intensives “ordinary” people achieve the most profound states of consciousness. These states are not the property of monks or saints or robed lamas or holy men of the east or west. They are completely natural –but easily lost to view – unless you are deeply questioning, observing and open. On E I s you are carefully guided in a simple technique of enquiry that produces astonishing, deeply satisfying results in days.

“Sceptical of the proclaimed results, I packed my bags with an open mind heading for the country manor in deepest Wales. What followed a thoroughly warm reception was 3 days of the most advanced personal development I have EVER attended, period. Having been involved with the enlightenment path and personal development for over 20 years, the 3 day claim seemed beyond belief. Well let me tell you – this course delivers! “

Nick Lewis. NLP trainer provider. (See other testimonials.)

These ecstatic, primordial experiences expose the core issues of self, life and others. Authentic presence satisfies – totally – where nothing else does. These experiences are life itself – without this level of awarness there is always some sense of failure, no matter how much money, praise, fame or even love you receive.

The secret knowledge of what you are is happiness. Everything else is the Great Play of Life – to be enjoyed. Knowing this makes all the difference – whether your want to make outward changes in your life or not – it is up to you.

This inner reality and contentment has been realised in the east for millennia – discover for yourself that there is no reason why it cannot be part of our culture, your fulfilment and life in the west.

When you participate in these events…

A simple contemplation technique is taught and used throughout. There are contrasting times of communication and contemplation. Your intention and openness are aimed toward acheiving your own unique realization. Second hand partial knowledge is not the aim. You must find out for yourself. There are no belief systems taught. It doesn’t matter whether you have strict religious or intellectual or right or wrong views on these matters or none at all. You are guided to find out for yourself – in a completely fresh open way – in a spirit of enquiry. There are rules, a tight structure and a strict schedule to support you in your endeavour.

“If you do not get it from yourself, where will you go for it?”


Authentic Self Enlightenment Intensives are mastered by Shivam O’Brien who brings twenty years experience with him. More about Shivam. He is supported by thoroughly trained and experienced staff who know how to help you go through whatever you have to go through to reveal your true face.

These Intensives and our “Bringing It All Home” ten day Integration Course – Authentic self – The Confidence Beyond Words (See More ) are available in Ireland. See course dates.